Medical Assistant Career: A Beginners Guide

Medical Assistant
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Medical Assistant Career: A Beginners Guide

Working as a medical assistant is a great way to earn money and be your own boss medical assistant. It’s also an entry-level position that allows you to see what working in the healthcare field is like before committing to a full-time role. Even if you don’t plan on pursuing a career in healthcare, working as a medical assistant can still be a great way to earn extra money throughout the year and supplement your income. Working as a medical assistant doesn’t require any specific education or training, so there are many opportunities available for those who are interested. The salary for working as a medical assistant tends to be lower than other similar positions, but it does have some benefits. For example, working as a medical assistant gives you the opportunity to work with patients every day and get accustomed to handling people’s personal information.

What does a medical assistant do?

A medical assistant is a health care professional who assists physicians and other medical staff members in providing their patients with medical care. Medical assistants are trained to handle the administrative tasks related to overseeing patient charts, scheduling appointments, and handling billing services. Medical assistants may spend their days working in hospitals, clinics, or other medical settings, but there are a number of opportunities for those who are willing to work remotely. You can also find opportunities to work as a medical assistant in a number of other settings, including veterinary practices, orthodontics offices, imaging centers, and dental offices. A medical assistant’s duties will depend on their individual employer and the medical practices they work in, but there are several general skills that most medical assistants will possess. These include the ability to take and process notes, basic computer skills, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.

Important skills for a medical assistant

– Oral Health Assisting medical assistant patients in maintaining an oral health routine by performing charting, taking and filing notes, and giving instructions for oral health care. – Charting and Research Assist medical assistants with charting and research tasks such as charting patients’ visits, charting medications, and transcribing audio recordings. – Administrative Assisting with administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, scheduling lab tests, and creating patient charts. – Interpreting Assisting patients with interpreting their medical records, such as prescriptions and other health care information. – Equipment Care and Monitoring Assistants who work in equipment care or cleaning roles help to clean and maintain medical equipment, like surgical equipment, x-ray equipment, and computers. They also monitor equipment, like oxygen and infusion pumps, to ensure they are running properly.

How to become a medical assistant

To become a medical assistant, you will need to earn a diploma or certificate from an education program recognized by the National Association of Health Care Center Physicians. In addition to earning a degree, you will also need to complete the supervised clinical experience requirement. If you are looking to pursue a career in medical assisting, it is important to get the right training. There are many online programs that can help you earn a degree, but you will still need to get practical experience to cement your credentials. Clinical training opportunities are available at hospitals and other healthcare facilities, nursing homes and other assisted living settings, private practices, or other institutions that serve as a real-world experience.

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Types of medical assistants

Medical assistants may be given a general description, but the type of work they perform will depend on their employer and the practice they work in. Certified medical assistant – Certified medical assistants work under the direct supervision of a physician and may have to pass a certification exam. They are responsible for a range of administrative and clinical tasks, including charting patients’ medical charts, taking and filing notes, interpreting medical orders and records, and ensuring medical equipment is maintained and operated properly. Laboratory medical assistant – Laboratory medical assistants operate equipment in laboratories, such as centrifuges, balance scales, or microscopes, which are used by physicians and other healthcare professionals to examine body parts, such as blood, tissue, or urine samples.

Working conditions for a medical assistant

Working as a medical assistant can be a great entry-level position if you are looking for a low-paying job that allows you to see what working in the healthcare field is like. Because medical assistants are often the first people patients see when they arrive at a medical practice, you will also get to meet lots of new people every day. Unfortunately, the average medical assistant salary tends to be lower than the average salary for other healthcare professions, such as registered nurses (median salary $52,150) and medical doctors (median salary $217,000). While medical assisting jobs are available in a variety of settings, some of the most common areas of employment are medical offices, clinics, and pharmacies.

Medical Assisting Career Paths

Many medical assisting jobs are entry-level positions, so the path to a medical assisting career may start with a different type of work. Perhaps you are interested in becoming a medical assistant and would like to start with a part-time position in a medical office. Once you have experience working in a medical office, you may be able to further your career by becoming a medical assistant in a different setting. While the path to a medical assisting career may vary depending on your career goals, there are a few common pathways to take. A great way to get your feet wet and get experience working as a medical assistant is to volunteer at a local hospital. Volunteering will give you the experience that is necessary to become a medical assistant while also giving you the opportunity to get to know the staff members of the hospital.

Medical Assisting Job Outlook and Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for medical assistants will grow at a rate of 17%, much faster than the average for all occupations. Medical assistant professionals are expected to experience the fastest growth. Medical assistants will always be in demand as the population continues to age and grow. This means that the salary for working as a medical assistant will also always be high. Medical assistants earn an average of $30,670 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Working as a medical assistant can be a great way to earn extra money. You don’t need any specific education or training to be a medical assistant, so it’s an opportunity for those who are interested to get started. And, the salary for working as a medical assistant tends to be lower than other similar positions, but it does have some benefits.

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